Gary Yong, one of the founding members of Cut Collective, a New Zealand based art collective, has been a full-time visual artist for the last 6 years. Apart from having a commercial approach with his art practice, he is also working primarily as an illustrator, stencil and aerosol artist. He believes in constantly reinventing and evolving as an art maker, he has built an impressive portfolio across many creative disciplines, with experience as a graphic designer, curator, and art director. Enforce One is known for street art, large scale public art and site-specific installations.


Hypnagogia 2

Hypnagogia 1

Hypnagogia 1

Heart Burst

Heart Burst

Dragon wall

Dragon Wall

Double Ecstasy...

Double Ecstasy

Winter Birds

Winter Birds

Out Of Chaos-


Passing Through 100 cms x 100 cms


Phoenix wall

Phoenix Wall

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