Driven by the urge to create bold and expressive pop characters, my work is a reflection of a mood or vibe that is felt and envisioned. I aim to create stand-out concept personas that add personality and ambiance to space, withholding an ambiguous story full of bright colors and vivid outlines. 

The International Modern Woman

The International Modern Woman 90 x 96 cms Acrylic on Canvas

Pop Attitude

Pop Attitude 91 x 91 cms Acrylic on Canvas

Space Girl

Space Girl 91 x 91 cms Acrylic on Canvas

Life in Pink

Life in Pink 91 x 91 cms Acrylic on Canvas

The Elements of Deira

The Elements of Deira 63 x 63 cms Acrylic on Canvas

Digital artwork

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R02, Ground Floor, Building 5

Dubai Design District